Culture Enhancements

Champion enhancements to our work environment that support inclusive staff engagement, respectful behaviors, and learning opportunities that are the foundation for safe, secure, compliant, and quality performance of our missions.


  1. Continue to evolve and enhance a Lab-wide culture of teaming and collaborative behaviors based on common
  2. Measure and document annually the Laboratory culture maturity with a focus on sustained improvement in four areas:
    • Leadership, where the leadership team through the responsible line managers (RLMs), demonstrates and models a commitment to transform culture.
    • Senior leaders commit to investing in our First Line Managers (FLMs), reducing the burden on FLMs so they can spend more time directly engaging with their employees, and regularly reviewing metrics to measure areas of improvement.
    • Employee Engagement, with shared and integrated improvement actions across LANL, leveraging the Institutional Worker Environment, Safety, and Security Team (IWESST), WESST, Voluntary Protection Program, and Safety and Security Improvement Program.
    • Organizational Learning, with demonstrated excellence in safety, security, quality, compliance, and behaviors (i.e., how we do our work is as important as what we do).
  3. Increase focus on disciplined operations by learning from upsets in order to reduce mission and operational impacts.

primary Strategic Objectives

Nuclear Deterrent - Lead the nation in evaluating, developing, and ensuring effectiveness of our nuclear deterrent, including the design, production, and certification of current and future nuclear weapons.

Trustworthy Operations - Consistently demonstrate and be recognized by diverse stakeholders for trusted and trustworthy operations.

Technical Leadership - Deliver scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs to advance relevant research frontiers and anticipate emerging national security risks.

Threat Reduction - Anticipate persistent and emerging threats to global security; develop and deploy revolutionary tools to detect, deter, and respond proactively.