Force for Good

Be recognized as a force for good by Northern New Mexico communities and trusted by stakeholders to perform missions with minimal operational issues.


  1. Partner proactively with NNSA headquarters and NA-LA to create new opportunities to earn the trust of, and directly engage with, New Mexico leaders and the public on operational competence and contributions to national security and other missions.
  2. Define and pursue novel and varied communication channels and technologies to reach employees both onsite and at offsite/remote locations to ensure internal communications are accurate, transparent, timely, responsive, and agile. Reinforce desired Laboratory culture, values, and organizational learning objectives, regardless of physical location of employees.
  3. Protect the Laboratory from reputational risks by proactive management of legal, regulatory, environmental, counterintelligence, and financial/audit risks and by promoting integrity throughout our Laboratory culture.
  4. Design and implement a regional educational partnership strategy with New Mexico schools, community colleges, and universities to support near-term and decadal institutional workforce capacity needs. Define and explore potential mechanisms to reach more high school and middle school students.
  5. Leverage LANL technologies, expertise, and networks to stimulate start-ups, accelerate business growth, and address regional community-led development challenges for a sustainable, secure, and equitable future.
  6. Partner with county and state entities in the community to promote infrastructure investments that enable increased capacity at LANL.
  7. Direct procurement effort to local vendors where possible and develop a strategy to strengthen and improve pueblo alliance.
  8. Optimize investment of philanthropic dollars to address critical socioeconomic needs and to make a lasting, significant impact on the wellbeing of the communities.

primary Strategic Objectives

Trustworthy Operations - Consistently demonstrate and be recognized by diverse stakeholders for trusted and trustworthy operations.

Technical Leadership - Deliver scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs to advance relevant research frontiers and anticipate emerging national security risks.

Threat Reduction - Anticipate persistent and emerging threats to global security; develop and deploy revolutionary tools to detect, deter, and respond proactively.

Nuclear Deterrent - Lead the nation in evaluating, developing, and ensuring effectiveness of our nuclear deterrent, including the design, production, and certification of current and future nuclear weapons.