Listen up! Oppie flick brought crowds to theaters — and the Bradbury

Museum director discusses blockbuster summer on radio show

February 5, 2024

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Listen to Linda Deck on the TJ Trout show Dreamstime

And the winner for “Best Picture to Draw Visitors from Around the World to Los Alamos” is … you guessed it! This past summer the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer caught the attention of media, moviegoers and armchair historians in a major way. The Bradbury Science Museum certainly felt a part of the zeitgeist with a surge in visitation from people who were curious about both Hollywood and Project Y.

Bradbury director Linda Deck was recently a guest on Albuquerque’s TJ Trout radio show, where she discussed the impact of the biopic on Los Alamos, as well as some of the museum’s key features. Listen to Deck’s interview here.