Tina Nisoli: A summer at the Bradbury

The museum’s student intern with a positive attitude, an open mind and an eye on the future

August 1, 2022

2022-08-01 Opt
Student intern Tina Nisoli standing next to the DARHT exhibit.

This summer, the Bradbury has been delighted to host Los Alamos High School graduate Tina Nisoli as a student intern. A winner of multiple scholarships — including the J. Robert Oppenheimer Scholarship awarded by the J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Committee and a LANL Bronze Scholarship, among others — Nisoli has a bright future. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning have been greatly appreciated by the museum staff.

A day in the life of a museum intern

During her internship, Nisoli has had the opportunity to experience many of the Bradbury’s activities firsthand, from STEM outreach with Science on Wheels and Challenge Tomorrow to the behind-the-scenes work that goes into those programs and the museum as a whole.

“There are so many tasks that need to be done every day to keep the Bradbury a free, public space,” Nisoli said. “Before working here, I never realized just how difficult it is to manage a museum.”

In addition to helping with day-to-day efforts, Nisoli has been sharing valuable insight on the Bradbury’s educational programs.

“I’m so happy to have Tina with the Bradbury this summer,” said Linda Deck, the Bradbury’s director. “Her perspective, as an interested teenager, is providing insight into how programs like the Challenge Tomorrow trailers and the Periodic Table are serving a younger audience. She is also a delightful, energetic presence in the office!”

Nisoli’s favorite part of this job? The people. “I especially enjoyed Science on Wheels and being able to interact with children and students, and hopefully spark their interest in STEM,” Nisoli said. Through the Challenge Ambassador training, Nisoli learned how to effectively present scientific concepts to younger children and how to make STEM activities fun and engaging.

Advice for other students (or anyone, really)

Despite her assertion that she isn’t qualified to give advice, Nisoli offered a piece of timeless wisdom: “View work as a fun activity instead of a chore. Work is easily something I look forward to, which makes the days fly by!” Though she wasn’t sure what to expect from her first full-time job, she has enjoyed coming to work at the Bradbury every day and values the friendships she’s built with the staff.

Beyond the internship

This fall, Nisoli will begin her studies in a pre-nursing program at the University of New Mexico, which will lead to an accelerated nursing program. She hopes to then put her aptitude with children to use as a nurse at UNM Children’s Hospital, and plans to later become a traveling nurse.

Support students through scholarships

Interested in supporting other students in Northern New Mexico? Visit the LANL Foundation or the J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Committee for more information.