Supporting the Bradbury and regional STEM education outreach

The Bradbury Science Museum Association benefits members and our communities

August 1, 2022

As the nonprofit officially associated with the Bradbury Science Museum, the Bradbury Science Museum Association is a key partner in the museum’s mission. The BSMA amplifies the Bradbury’s work by doing things that only a nonprofit can do — like fundraising, hosting volunteers or running a museum store — and are essential to the life of a museum.

The BSMA runs the Gadgets museum shop at the Bradbury.

The BSMA supports the museum’s STEM education outreach in a number of ways. Bus scholarships help cover transportation costs for school groups visiting the museum. Other funds and resources can support programs like Science on Wheels, which was able to visit nine schools in Española this summer instead of six. The BSMA also organizes supplemental programming such as the Night with a Nerd talk series. The Gadgets gift store invites museum visitors to extend their trip and take their learning home, while supporting STEM education through the store’s proceeds.

On top of supporting STEM outreach, BSMA members get benefits like free or discounted access to other museums around the country, a 10% discount at the Gadgets store and visits with guest speakers.

Interested in a membership or joining the Board? Visit the BSMA website.