Non-Nuclear Production

    Develop targeted non-nuclear production capabilities to address gaps in the national Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE).


    1. Assess and document current and future NSE needs that will require LANL execution; develop a strategy to obtain necessary infrastructure and personnel to meet these needs.
    2. Develop a formal work acceptance process to support non-nuclear mission production growth, sustainment, and deprecation.
    3. Improve and document production facility planning and execution of Mission/Program-assigned scopes of work.
    4. Assess and document personnel, facility, and equipment capability to execute technology maturation.
    5. Inform and obtain stakeholder support for the strategy.

    primary Strategic Objectives

    Trustworthy Operations - Consistently demonstrate and be recognized by diverse stakeholders for trusted and trustworthy operations.

    Nuclear Deterrent - Lead the nation in evaluating, developing, and ensuring effectiveness of our nuclear deterrent, including the design, production, and certification of current and future nuclear weapons.