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Museum featured in 1964 Life magazine

March 4, 2024

Life Magazine Illustration
An illustration from the Feb. 7, 1964 issue of Life magazine Life Magazine Archives/Google Books

Isn’t this a fine time of year? The days are longer, the weather’s getting warmer and the schools are on spring break! Over these next few weeks, the Bradbury Science Museum welcomes spring breakers (usually with grown-ups in tow) from across New Mexico and neighboring states. After all, just because class isn’t in session doesn’t mean the learning — or the fun — has to stop. The Bradbury is a must-visit destination for anyone wanting to squeeze some science exploration and hands-on learning into their days off.

This has been true since the museum first opened to the public, just over 60 years ago, when the Lab was known as the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Mere months after the Lab’s museum opened, it landed in the pages of a 1964 Life magazine roundup of top science centers for students. “This month brings a vast mess in laboratories as young scientists start piecing together their entries for annual science fairs. Many museums, government laboratories and industrial exhibits go out of their way to help students get ready for them,” said Life. The article described our museum as LASL’s “small but fascinating museum devoted to the history and present work of the laboratory.” Too true, Life magazine! It highlights the museum’s Geiger counter on display and a working model of Jezebel, an unclad research reactor.

We were in good company, listed alongside Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, Denver’s Museum of Natural History, and others major science hubs across the country. Oak Ridge and Sandia National Laboratories’ museums also made the list. “All of these institutions are a fine source of inspiration for students wondering what to do,” said Life. It was true then and is still true today.

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