Frontiers in Science: LightSlinger

    2 chances to see duo behind game-changing antenna tech

    June 1, 2023

    R&d 100 Lightslinger Sq
    Andrea Schmidt and John Singleton Los Alamos National Laboratory

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellows present the lecture series Frontiers in Science with Andrea Schmidt and John Singleton, the duo behind the award-winning LightSlinger, a new antenna that generates radio waves from faster-than-light currents.

    As wireless communications technology continues to advance, the need for smaller, more versatile and energy- and cost-efficient antennas is becoming increasingly important. LightSlinger has potential applications for 5G and defense communications.

    Frontiers in Science: LightSlinger is a free event. Audiences have two opportunities to catch this special presentation, once in Santa Fe and once Los Alamos. Details below.

    Read more about Schmidt, Singleton and LightSlinger.

    Frontiers in Science is a public service of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellows.

    LOS ALAMOS: Wednesday, June 21
    5:30-7 p.m.
    SALA Los Alamos Event Center
    2551 Central Avenue
    Los Alamos, NM

    SANTA FE: Thursday, June 22
    Jean Cocteau Cinema
    418 Montezuma Ave,
    Santa Fe, NM