3 early Los Alamos love stories

In honor of Valentine’s Day, read about a lost love, an international escape and an intentional friendship

February 6, 2023

@theBradbury - February Opt
Edith Warner and Tilano Montoya

There was more than just groundbreaking physics going on during Project Y. It turns out there was also some serious chemistry.

The Lab’s National Security Research Center took a look back at love in Los Alamos during its earliest years, discovering some heartwarming tales of devotion and camaraderie.

Click over to read sweet, little-known details about the lifelong friendship of tearoom owner Edith Warner and Pueblo de San Ilefonso governor Tilano Montoya; Laura and Enrico Fermi’s harrowing escape from Nazi-allied Italy; and the tragic ending of the love story of Arline and Richard Feynman.