Giving thanks: Keeping our guides, visitors safe

Medical director Pasqualoni’s guidelines helped us reconnect with care

November 4, 2021

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Dr. Sara Pasqualoni, the Lab's medical director LANL

Reunited, and it feels so good

After many months under lockdown, this summer the Bradbury reopened its doors.  Our visitors brought purpose and energy to the Bradbury’s staff. This was particularly true for our museum guides. These public-facing members of our team welcome guests from around the globe to experience the history and current innovations of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The past several months of operations have been immensely successful, with visitation rates holding steady with pre-pandemic turnout. Over 4,300 guests visited the Bradbury during its reopening month! The museum is back to being a must-see experience for science and history enthusiasts.

Safety and stress relief

None of this would have been possible if it were not for clear and complete health and safety guidelines. Dr. Pasqualoni’s COVID-safe protocols provided our guides with a framework to engage with the public while taking appropriate precautions.  

“We really want to thank ‘Dr. P’ for applying scientific safety measures in a way that complemented our best practices for customer service,” says Linda Deck, the Bradbury Science Museum’s director. Some of the protocols included mandatory masks for all employees and guests, reduced hours and capacity, and encouragement of physical distancing.

Dr. Pasqualoni’s leadership has been monumental to the Lab’s successes mitigating the pandemic. Last winter the Los Alamos Public Safety Association awarded her the Public Safety Dedication Award for her tireless work. Her guidance throughout the ongoing COVID turbulence has helped different areas of the Lab determine when and how to return to operations.  

While the Bradbury is part of the Lab’s network, as a free public venue its concerns were distinct. “Coming out of lockdown has made many people wary of in-person activities and enclosed spaces. We can confidently say that Dr. Pasqualoni’s guidelines alleviated a lot of the stress of readjustment for both staff and visitors,” says Deck. “Instead of worrying about variants and vulnerabilities, people feel protected and can simply have a good time.”