Discover innovative technologies at DisrupTECH Aug. 30

Richard P. Feynman Innovation Prizes award ceremony follows

August 24, 2023

K Modules and their inventor Kalpak Dighe will be recognized for their entrepreneurial spirit at the Feynman Innovation Prizes Aug. 30. K Modules are capacitors replacing existing technology that is 40 years old and expensive to maintain.

Tech transfer takes center stage in Los Alamos Aug. 30, when Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation hosts the Ninth Annual DisrupTECH presentations. The event, which takes place 1:30-4:30 p.m. at the Lab's J.R. Oppenheimer Center, will be followed by the Feynman Innovation Prizes award ceremony, 5-8 p.m. at SALA Event Center in Los Alamos.

Tamper-evident containers are just one national-security innovation to be showcased at DisrupTECH.

All types of innovators and entrepreneurial-minded people are invited. Both events include time for professional networking.

DisrupTECH showcases Lab scientists’ cutting-edge technologies with tech-transfer potential such as integrated lasers, biodegradable plastics, tamper-evident containers and cancer screening via ultrasound. At the conclusion, attendees will vote on Best Pitch and Most Fundable Technology. Watch the presentations in person or virtually.

The Richard P. Feynman Innovation Prizes will honor tech-transfer achievements that are commercially ready in such areas as forensic science, hydrogen fuel cell systems and clean energy. The event takes place in person only at the SALA Event Center, 2551 Central Ave. in Los Alamos. Lab Director Thom Mason is the keynote speaker.

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The Feynman Center for Innovation facilitates pathways to technology commercialization and supports scientists and engineers in developing entrepreneurial skills. It is named for theoretical physicist Richard P. Feynman who worked on the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos from 1941­ to 1945 and was equally well known for his physics knowledge and as his compelling scientific presentations.