New Laboratory policy aims to smooth traffic flow during construction beginning April 17

Drivers who are Los Alamos National Laboratory badge holders may vouch for unbadged passengers along Pajarito Corridor

April 11, 2023


Despite the construction on New Mexico State Road 4, driving around Los Alamos and White Rock will get a little easier, thanks to a new vouching policy that Los Alamos National Laboratory will implement effective Monday, April 17, 2023.

A Laboratory badge holder who is also the driver of a personally owned vehicle – not a government vehicle – may vouch for unbadged passengers (such as children) while driving through the Pajarito Corridor, provided unbadged passengers stay in the car and all parties recognize they could be subject to inspection. The policy will be in effect until further notice.

Because vouching will be allowed in the Pajarito Corridor, this also means that vouching will be allowed on all roads leading to and from PajaritoCorridor, including Diamond Drive.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I drive through the Pajarito Corridor and continue on Diamond Drive to drop my kids off at daycare, school or other activities?
Yes, you may use Diamond Drive after you’ve left Pajarito Road to continue your route through the Laboratory and into town. Because vouching is allowed through the Pajarito Corridor, it is also allowed on all roads that lead to and from the Pajarito Corridor.

Can a Laboratory badge holder stop or deviate from Pajarito Road in the Corridor with an unbadged individual in the car?
No. All vehicles with unbadged individuals must not stop or deviate from Pajarito Road while in the Pajarito Corridor. If a vehicle emergency does arise (such as an accident or engine fire) that requires the unbadged individuals to exit the vehicle, they must always remain with the badge holder.

Personally owned vehicles may drop off Laboratory badge holders at unfenced parking lots; however, a badge holder must always stay in the vehicle with unbadged individuals.

Can I show my friend my office on Pecos Road?
No. This vouching system is for vehicle access only.

As a Laboratory badge holder, can I bicycle through the Pajarito Corridor with passengers and vouch for them?
No, bicyclists are not included in this vouching policy. Each bicyclist who rides in the Pajarito Corridor must show their badge to personnel at the Vehicle Access Portal (VAP, or guard gate) upon request.

Can I take my pets up Pajarito Road?
No, pets are not allowed on Pajarito Road in or outside of vehicles.

Additional important information

Laboratory badge holders/drivers are responsible for ensuring that unbadged passengers have not been previously denied access onto Lab property by contacting Personnel Security at 505-667-6901. Drivers must also meet unbadged passengers outside of Los Alamos National Laboratory property and brief them on the requirements associated with prohibited and controlled articles.