More than 60 Laboratory staff members recognized with DOE Secretary’s Honor Awards

    Four teams honored for exceptional contributions

    January 31, 2022

    S1 Granholm 5423

    More than 60 staff members on four different teams at Los Alamos National Laboratory were recently recognized with Honor Awards from the Department of Energy Secretary—the highest honor a DOE employee or contractor can receive.

    “To be recognized with this award is an exceptional achievement,” said Laboratory Director Thom Mason. “These teams illustrate the commitment to excellence that has always been a hallmark of the Laboratory, and they should be proud of this well-deserved recognition.”

    The four Los Alamos teams that received awards were the W76-2 Modification Team, the Burning Plasma on the National Ignition Facility Team, the Nuclear Incident Response Stabilization Team, and the Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute Material Removal Team.

    The DOE Secretary’s Awards formally recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals and teams who have gone above and beyond in fulfilling the DOE’s mission. Laboratory employees who were recognized are:

    W76-2 Modification Team

    In recognition of the team’s relentless dedication to engineering the submarine-launched W76 warhead to have a low-yield capability.

    Petr Volegov
    Justin Scott
    Pete Pittman
    Rob Baran
    Candace Joggerst
    Andrew Marshall
    Kevin Buechele
    Karen Kelley

    Burning Plasma on the National Ignition Facility Team

    In recognition of the team’s first-ever achievement at the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The team made advances in lasers, diagnostics, targets and physics understanding of capsule coupling and compression that, when combined, enabled a three-fold increase in fusion performance in a few-month’s period.

    Noah Birge
    Hans Herrmann
    Young Kim
    Hermann Geppert-Kleinrath
    Verena Geppert-Kleinrath
    John Kline
    Kevin Meaney
    Carl Wilde
    Petr Volegov

    Nuclear Incident Response Stabilization Team

    In recognition of the team’s extraordinary dedication to implementing the National Security Council-directed “Capability Forward” initiative, to field equipment and training to counter-weapons of mass destruction teams in 14 major metropolitan areas across the United States.

    Glenn Griggs
    Samuel Gonzales
    Victoria Duncan
    Charles Gibson

    Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute Material Removal Team

    In recognition of the team’s exceptional efforts to collaborate at the federal, state and local levels to safely remove radioactive materials from the Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute under an intense and time-constrained schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Cristy Abeyta
    Mark McCleskey
    Patrick Fitch
    Robert Margevicius
    Andrea Martinez
    David  McCumber
    Eisha Herrera
    Stephanie Archuleta
    Gary Lauten
    Craig Taylor
    Leonard Manzanares
    Marki Martinez
    Markilee Martinez-Zambrano
    Fran Martin
    David Potter
    Nathaniel Shanteau
    Darlene Valdez
    Miller Wylie
    Ning Xu
    Sean French
    Dylan Klundt
    Cathy Babcock
    Harold Chacon
    Michael Romero
    Douglas Thacker
    Chris James
    Fabian Anaya
    Joshua Mares
    Rick Romero
    Leon Trujillo
    Donald Thorp
    Joe Abeyta
    Rudy Abeyta
    Jason Gentry
    Urban Hill
    Earl Martinez
    Onesimo Martinez
    Lawrence Mccubbins, Jr.
    Michael Rivera
    Jose Trujillo
    Jason Wohlberg