Threat Response

    Develop methodologies & tools, drawing on unique weapons capabilities, that influence international nonproliferation strategies, next generation arms control regimes, & technical solutions for counterterrorism, counterproliferation, & emergency response.


    1. Anticipate asymmetric threats and analyze, demonstrate, and develop new technologies that are manifested in the national response. Publish technical papers that inform policy on integrated deterrence strategies, especially regarding the integration of nuclear, space, cyber, and hypersonic technologies. Transition from research to deployment of new technologies that integrate into the national global security mission space.
    2. Develop methodologies and tools to support international nonproliferation and next generation arms control. Demonstrate enhanced nonproliferation stewardship capacity through testbed and monitoring technology demonstrations and increased staffing.
    3. Transition staffing from a field deployment posture with execution of hiring plans to support a new R&D/reach-back portfolio and forensics strategy. Develop innovative technologies and methods to counter terrorism and support emergency response and counterproliferation.

    primary Strategic Objectives

    Trustworthy Operations - Consistently demonstrate and be recognized by diverse stakeholders for trusted and trustworthy operations.

    Technical Leadership - Deliver scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs to advance relevant research frontiers and anticipate emerging national security risks.

    Threat Reduction - Anticipate persistent and emerging threats to global security; develop and deploy revolutionary tools to detect, deter, and respond proactively.

    Nuclear Deterrent - Lead the nation in evaluating, developing, and ensuring effectiveness of our nuclear deterrent, including the design, production, and certification of current and future nuclear weapons.