New virtual platform shows students the science behind everyday objects

See the Science builds student confidence in STEM

March 3, 2021

Science Opt
Available to educational institutions across New Mexico, See the Science builds student confidence in the subject by demonstrating the scientific concepts embodied in familiar objects.

What makes bread rise? Why does hand sanitizer keep you from getting sick? How does a microwave oven heat your food? These are just a few of the concepts covered in the new virtual learning platform, See the Science, unveiled in celebration of International Women and Girls in Science Day, February 11, 2021.

“I want our Laboratory’s education-outreach projects to inspire all students, and particularly girls in New Mexico,” said Laboratory Director Thom Mason. “That’s why I congratulate our See the Science partners, especially Laboratory scientist Harshini Mukundan, an American Association for the the Advancement of Science (AAAS) If/Then Ambassador who has spent the last year inspiring young women to pursue science through initiatives like this.”

See the Science targets upper elementary and middle-school students—the age at which students, particularly girls, get intimidated—or inspired—by classes in science, technology, engineering, and math. Materials will also emphasize the scientific contributions of women.

“Not only is See the Science fun and accessible, projects like this one can be key to developing a stronger, more diverse scientific community in the future,” said Mukundan.

See the Science is the vision of Harshini Mukundan, Bradbury Science Museum Director Linda Deck, Bradbury Science Museum Association President Jennifer Cline, and past-president Ryn Herrmann. It is made possible with the support of Lyda Hill Philanthropies as part of the AAAS If/Then Ambassadors program and the Bradbury Science Museum Association. See the Science is expected to be available later in March 2021 at