ICYMI: Fact vs. fiction on the big screen

Listen to Alan Carr on ‘Down to a Science’ podcast

March 4, 2024

Alan Carr Radio Sq
Alan Carr Los Alamos National Laboratory

Everyone keeps talking about that Oppie movie, huh? Us included.

In case you missed it, the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s senior historian, Alan Carr, recently appeared on “Down to a Science: A LANL Podcast” to discuss the accuracy of the portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer on the big screen. Listen to Carr discuss what parts of the film are grounded in truth, take creative liberties and what’s the deal with that story about the apple. 

Want more Carr and Oppenheimer? You’ll find the historian in the National Security Research Center’s three-part documentary "Oppenheimer: Science, Mission, Legacy" on the Lab’s YouTube page.