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Bradbury’s traveling exhibits on display in Berkeley

October 5, 2022

@theBradbury Ribosome 02 Opt
The Bradbury’s interactive, walk-through exhibit, “The Ribosome.”

Our exhibits are headed to California!

Through the National Outreach Traveling Exhibits (NOTEs) program, the Bradbury Science Museum designs and creates free, visually captivating and highly interactive traveling exhibits based on world-changing research from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The next stop for these exhibits is the Lawrence Hall of Science at Berkeley, California. Staff from the Lawrence saw our “Building Immunity” and “The Ribosome” exhibits at the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) museum conference before COVID-19. Plans for these sister exhibits on human health to visit California are back on track, and couldn’t be timelier. They’ll be on display at the Lawrence for six months.

@theBradbury Ribosome 01
The Bradbury’s interactive, walk-through exhibit, “The Ribosome.”

“The Ribosome” is an interactive, walk-through exhibit with augmented reality that allows the guest to "enter the ribosome" and watch proteins being made! On the exterior, visitors can explore what a ribosome is and why it’s so important to fighting diseases. They can learn about the cutting-edge work of understanding protein synthesis—which can lead to new antibiotics, cancer therapies, and treating genetic diseases—and how supercomputing enables this work. Curated by the Lab’s Karissa Sanbonmatsu, the exhibit is a visually stunning interpretation of the ribosome, its behaviors and the great promise it holds for fighting diseases like cancer.

“Building Immunity” features an Ideum touch table, which invites users on a self-guided journey to explore the world of viruses, vaccines and immunity and discover the history of understanding and creating therapies against HIV and influenza. Based on the research of Bette Korber, this exhibit is also available as a plug and play flash drive for venues with their own compatible Ideum touch tables!

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@theBradbury Building Immunity
The Bradbury’s interactive touch table exhibit, “Building Immunity.”