NSS Podcast

The National Security Science podcast is a spin-off of National Security Science magazine. We bring you stories from the Lab’s Weapons Program—stories that show how innovative science and engineering are the key to keeping America safe. Or, as we like to say, better science equals better security.


  • The Trinity test: then and now

    On the 76th anniversary of the Trinity test, NSS examines the test from two angles: from 1945, when the test occurred, and from 2021, when a group of Los Alamos employees traveled to the Trinity site to tour ground zero and the surrounding area.

  • Jane Hall: Queen of the hill

    It’s March, Women’s History Month. And for this podcast, we bring you the story of Jane Hall. Jane Hall came to Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in 1945. She had an incredible career as a nuclear physicist and as a manager. In 1955, she became the Lab’s first female assistant director, working closely with Director Norris Bradbury. In 1966, Jane was the first woman appointed to the General Advisory Committee if the Atomic Energy Commission, which offered guidance to top policy makers about scientific and technical matters relating to atomic energy.

  • Holiday special featuring Mary Tsingou

    In this special holiday mini-podcast, siblings and Lab employees Joel and Candace Vargas sing Christmas-themed intro to a conversation between writer Virginia Grant and Mary Tsingou Menzel. In the 1950s, Tsingou learned to program one of Los Alamos’ earliest computers, the MANIAC. She went on to become a coding expert and worked for Los Alamos for more than 30 years.

  • Salt Life: Go on patrol with an Ohio-class submarine that's ready to launch nuclear warheads at a moment’s notice.

    Ohio-class submarines disappear into the ocean for 70 days at a time, carrying 155 sailors, 24 nuclear-armed missiles, and more hot sauce than your local taqueria. Retired Naval officer Mark Levin gives a firsthand account.

  • A moment of glory: testing the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile

    The knowledge gained from testing the Minuteman III system has become more important than ever—even when things don't go as planned.

  • A wealth of stealth: An inside perspective on flying the B-2 Spirit bomber

    Los Alamos Air Force Fellow and B-2 pilot Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Steeves reads “A wealth of stealth,” a feature article that appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of National Security Science magazine. Steeves shares what it’s like to fly the B-2, a 31-year-old, 160,000-pound nuclear-capable bomber.