Los Alamos National Laboratory’s long tradition of military ties continues today

This Veterans Day, the Lab thanks all those who have served

November 10, 2022

Veterans make up roughly 7.3% of all regular and term employees and 5% of the craft workforce at Los Alamos National Laboratory. They add tremendous value to the Laboratory in all capacities including leadership, mission focus, determination and experience getting things done.

“The Lab has a long history of collaboration with the military starting with the inclusion of the Special Engineer Detachment back in the Manhattan Project days,” said Jeremy Best, chair of the Laboratory’s Veterans Employee Resource Group. “We continue this today, with on-site active-duty service member training, as well as veterans ‘continuing their mission’ in national security every day.”

The Veterans Employee Resource Group is dedicated to providing a sense of community, purpose, advocacy and support for all veterans at the Lab.

“The Veterans ERG leadership team is here to represent veterans and veterans’ interests, as well as build a team culture where all veterans feel like they have found their place after service in uniform,” said Best. “We honor veterans past and present by continuing to serve here at the Lab.”