LANL introduces sleek new look and logo

Rebranding includes website, signage and more

February 24, 2021

Lab Logo

The Laboratory has had several logos, and even a few different names in its history. Of course a lot has changed in Los Alamos, and in the world, since the days of Project Y. 

This is the Lab’s first total rebrand in 20 years — the longest stretch in its history — and it includes much more than just a new logo. This wide-reaching rebrand is an expression of the Lab’s innovative vision and focus, and will be a platform for the values of Triad National Security, LLC.

Lanl Logo
The Lab’s new logo.

New logo keeps pace with a modern, digital-thinking world

Over the past two decades we’ve witnessed a paradigm shift from print to digital communications and from desktop to mobile computing devices — and the speed at which information is shared continues to quicken exponentially. How much we’ve come to rely on digital communications during the COVID-19 pandemic is another reminder of just how much times have changed. 

The Lab has risen to this challenge, creating a flexible and contemporary identity that can keep pace with today’s world. 

The in-house redesign is also symbolic of an evolving Lab culture. “The modern and dynamic design is a representation of who we are,” says Lilly Anaya, deputy division leader of Communications and External Affairs. “The new look presented us with an opportunity to express our philosophy of collaboration, community, and accountability.”

Watch Laboratory Director Thomas Mason introduce our revitalized, focused, and cohesive new brand. 

Up-close look at the design elements

The atom is synonymous with Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the momentum and geometry of the new logomark represents both the Lab’s forward-looking vision and global influence.

"It was important that we create a modern logo that reflects the strength and the future of our Laboratory," says Staff Director Frances Chadwick.

"It was important that we create a modern logo that reflects the strength and the future of our Laboratory, especially our world-class ST&E and our global impact," says Staff Director Frances Chadwick. "It will be instantly recognizable across many platforms and media."

We’re excited to share more stories about our research, our people and our culture in the coming months. We understand that how we do work is as important as what we do, and we have big plans for creating more engaging and interactive web content. Revitalizing our identity is just the first step.

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