Family Friendly New Mexico names LANL among 2022 platinum-level employers

Los Alamos is recognized as a distinguished leader for its family-friendly workplace policies

January 10, 2022


The Lab received the 2022 Family Friendly Business Award for the third consecutive year from Family Friendly New Mexico, which recognizes and supports businesses that have implemented family-friendly policies in support of employees’ work-life balance.

Policy evaluation and criteria  

The policies that are evaluated to determine a Family Friendly Business Award cover seven primary areas:

  1. paid leave
  2. health support
  3. work schedules
  4. economic support
  5. pay equity
  6. diversity/inclusion
  7. community investment

Platinum-level recipients — known as Distinguished Leaders — have policies in categories 1-4 and at least one policy in categories 5-7.

Award requirements

Award selection is based on businesses’ integration of several laws that aim to promote and protect the rights of women and mothers in the workplace, including the Job-Protected Leave, Domestic Violence and Workplace Statute; the Nursing Mothers’ Rights at Work Statute; the Fair Pay for Women Act; the New Mexico Human Rights Act; and the New Mexico Healthy Workplaces Act.

Family Friendly New Mexico Award

A New Mexico business directory of all the 2022 award recipients can be found here.

About Family Friendly New Mexico

Family Friendly New Mexico is a nonprofit initiative that recognizes New Mexican businesses that acknowledge the importance of work-life balance. The Albuquerque-based group supports businesses that adopt family-friendly policies — and in doing so, help attract loyal and qualified employees to the state.

"You can help create a positive domino effect: when families are successful, businesses are successful and when businesses are successful, so is the local economy," the group says on its website.

Learn more about Family Friendly New Mexico here.